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Travel to the Faroe Islands On FOOT

If you want to travel to Faroe Islands without vehicle, you can of course do that

Inspiration to your stay in the Faroe Islands

One of the main reasons that people visit the Faroe Islands are because of the incredible nature and scenery. The Faroe Islands turn extraordinarily green during the summertime. The fresh air, the deep blue ocean, the vertical sea cliffs and the green mountains with their picturesque valleys, is something which would amaze anyone who enjoys being surrounded by nature.


All islands are "conected" together - either with subsea tunnels, bridge or ferry, so it is very easy to travel from one island to another. To get the most of the Faroe Islands a good opportunity is to go around with your bike, or experience hirstorical attractions with Smyril Line Excursions in the summer perios. See our excursions here.


The islands have no railways but they do have excellent bus and ferry system, that can take you easily around. Whether you want to travel on one island or around - this link is a good help to do so www.ssl.fo


Book early and get the best price

Our prices are divided into seasonal calendar colors. Green is the low season. Orange is the mid season. And blue is the high season.


We offer a limited number of tickets for low season prices in the mid season. And a limited number of tickets for mid season prices in the high season. If you are traveling to/from the Faroe Islands, it may be a good idea to book early to take advantage of the possibility of getting cheaper tickets before they are sold out. We make no guarantee that it will be possible to achieve this favorable price at the time of booking.

Per person, back & forth (2016):


  • A price: from € 370
    B price: from € 310

  • A price: from € 310
    B price: from € 258

  • A price: from € 258


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