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Bring your camper to the Faroe Islands

Turn the beautiful Faroe Islands into your home for a week or two

Inspiration to your stay in the Faroe Islands

Take your camper along from Denmark to the Faroe Islands. Enjoy the rugged cliffs and the green mountainsides speckled with sheep. Go exactly where you like, the way you like. We know the Faroes in and out, and can therefore help you find exactly what you want to see and where to stay. You can stay in the capital or you can choose to stay in a cosy Faroese villages. There are plenty of options, all you have to do is choose.


When to travel?

Please notice that the campsites in the Faroe Islands open and close at different time of the year, please have a closer look at this information folder for more information: Camping in the Faroe Islands  


If you would like to experience the Faroe Islands with a camper, we recommend that you travel between May and September. During this time the islands are more camper friendly. 


Practical information

It is permitted to take gas cylinders aboard, it should be presented in one way or another - for example, with a sticker on the windshield. All gas/flammable liquid injection shall be closed and disconnected before driving on board. For those who have a fridge in the vehicle, it is not possible to get power supply.

Per person when 2 travel together, back and forth (2016):

  • A price: from € 990
    B price: from € 862

  • A price: from € 862
    B price: from € 638

  • A price: from € 638 


See sailing schedule 2016


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