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Explore the Faroe Islands in your own CAR

Take your own car along from Denmark to the Faroe Islands

Inspiration to your stay in the Faroe Islands

Enjoy the rugged cliffs and the green mountain sides speckled with sheep. Go exactly where you like, the way you like and when you like.


We know the Faroes in and out, and can therefore help you find exactly what you want to see and where to stay. You can stay in the capital or you can choose to stay in cosy Faroese villages. There are plenty of options, all you have to do is choose.


For the children there is also a large playground with both a climbing castle, a slide, climbing ropes, and punching balls. The children can also get a face-paint, balloons shaped as animal, swords or what the imagination sets as limit.


Book early and get the best price

Our prices are divided into seasonal calendar colors. Green is the low season. Orange is the mid season. And blue is the high season.


We offer a limited number of tickets for low season prices in the mid season. And a limited number of tickets for mid season prices in the high season. If you are traveling to/from the Faroe Islands, it may be a good idea to book early to take advantage of the possibility of getting cheaper tickets before they are sold out. We make no guarantee that it will be possible to achieve this favorable price at the time of booking.


Per person when 2 travel together, back and forth (2016): 


  • A price: from € 599
    B price: from € 467
  • A price: from € 467 
    B price: from € 379
  • A price: from € 379


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