Explorers of the North Atlantic since 1982

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    Guesthouse Gjáargarður [maincontentTabcontent]

    It is not that far to Gjógv. But a stay at Gjáargarður is far from your everyday life. The charming guesthouse is situated in very cosy, peaceful and beautiful surroundings and has a nice and friendly atmosphere.


    The name derives from its harbour (gjógv - gorge). The 400 years old village Gjógv has about 60 inhabitants. The village Gjógv is the northernmost village on Eysturoy and is situated 67 kilometres (40 miles) from Tórshavn. The road leads trough 10 villages and will take you over the bridge that connects the two largest islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.


    Gjáargarður has a selection of accommodation options. There are double rooms, family rooms as well as Bed and Breakfast in boxbeds. There are 25 light and pleasant double rooms. All rooms can take an extra bed as well. In addition, there are 10 viking-style alcoves in Roykstovan on 4th floor. They are sold as bed and breakfast accommodation. These share toilet and shower. 



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