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Unique village holiday - Skálavík

Hotel Skálavík is a modern 3-star hotel situated in one of the most beautiful places in the Faroe Islands

The island of Sandoy, located only about 30 minutes with ferry from south of Streymoy, is very special with its beautiful nature, cosy villages and historic places. Sandoy is the fifth largest island in the Faroes and, along with Suðuroy, makes up the large southern island pair in the archipelago. Sandoy is considered the flattest island, with broad valleys and many little lakes, low rounded mountains and sandy beaches. The gently rolling mountains make it appear greener than the other islands with their more rugged craggy mountains. The island’s western coast is steeper and has bird cliffs.


Sandoy does also have one of the best beaches in the country. A large and beautiful sandy beach defines the village of Sandur, named after the beach. The big sand dunes are the perfect spot for an evening picnic after a good hike or fishing trip around the island. In the village, the art gallery is one of the main attractions. Sands Listasavn as the gallery is named, was given to the village from a private art collector and the collection includes many of the best Faroese artists, including Mykines, William Heinesen and Ingálvur av Reyni. On the eastern side of Sandoy, the villages Skálavík, Húsavík and Dalur offer great scenery and an open view out to the harsh sea.


Sandoy also has a lot of interesting excursions to offer. The tourist office on Sandoy is located in the village Sandur and they provide guidance to travelers and arrange guided tours like boat tours to the bird cliffs of Sandoy and Skúvoy and fishing and hiking trips. Please visit the the homepage of the Tourist Information Center in Sandoy for more information here  


You can find further information about Hotel Skálavík on www.hotelskalavik.com


On the right hand side you will find some price examples incl. a stay in Hotel Skálavik. If you would like to stay for more or less nights please contact us for a quote on +298 345900 or booking@smyrilline.com.


Price per person when 2 travel together incl. 1 car and 3 or 4 nights in Hotel Skálavík:


3 nights in hotel (Mon.-Thu.): from € 550

05.03-04.06 & 27.08-22.12.2016 


4 nights in hotel (Wed.-Sun.): from € 745




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    • How to get to and from the island Sandoy [maincontentTabcontent]

      The sailing takes about 30 min. and the ferry is called M/F Teistin. 


      The customer must pay on the return from the island. You can find the prices for the crossing to/from Sandoy here.

      Car and 1 driver: Car <5m: DKK 160 
      Passengers over 15 years: DKK 40 return. 
      Children 7-15 years pay half price. 

      Prices subject to change.


      Cars over 7 m. and / or higher than 1.9 m, please book on tel. +298 29 31 03


      A detailed sailing schedule (Gomlurætt-Skopun) is available here 

      Gomlurætt (on this side of the island), Skopun (on the other)


      It takes about 20 min. to drive from Tórshavn to Gomlurætt.

      It takes about 20-30 min. to drive from Skopun to Skálavík. 


      Vehicles should be in the queue at least 15 min. before departure.

      Hotel Skálavík [maincontentTabcontent]

      The bright airy Hotel Skálavík is a stimulating hub for anyone seeking inspiration. Hotel Skálavík offers all its overnight guests cosy contemporary accommodation, but it is about more than just a good night’s sleep. With its range of facilities Hotel Skálavík is the ideal setting for holidays, office outings, training courses, parties, holiday camps and school trips. This versatility makes the popular hotel a natural choice for everyone from companies and organisations to, couples and families on holiday. 

      Hotel Skálavík’s restaurant offers a broad selection of tasty fuss-free meals. There is a changing lunch special every weekday and in the evenings we offer a one and two-course menu. All meals include hot beverages and biscuits. If you fancy a bit more of a dessert, rest assured, we will have something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Breakfast is included in the price for guests staying overnight. 

      The hotel has 23 fresh, contemporary and well-equipped rooms, as well as an apartment with three rooms. There are double rooms, family rooms with a double bed and two bunk beds, as well as rooms with four bunks. The apartment is ideal for big families, friends or small groups. It has three double rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and private entrance from the sprawling green meadow. The hotel is also happy to make up extra beds for the rooms. 





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