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Explorer Holiday - an Iceland tour in holiday homes

Combine the freedom of staying in holiday homes with a complete tour around Iceland, seeing as much as possible.

 If you would like some peace and quiet in inspiring sur¬roundings with family and friends, a holiday home vacation is right for you. With the one¬week programme you stay in two different houses, either in the North and the East or the South and the East. With the two¬week programme you stay for 3 or 4 nights in each region: North, West, southwest and southeast. We suggest visiting Mývatn in the north, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, seeing the colossal waterfall Gullfoss in the southwest, as well as Jökulsárlón glacier in the southeast. These are only suggestions – there is much more to explore.


For alternative travel periods, please see the price tables below or send a request to booking@smyrilline.com. You can also phone us on +298 345900.






All Iceland package prices are subject to change due to a possible increase in VAT in Iceland.

Price examples per person when 2 travel together incl. your own car:


In low- and mid season:


8 nights in Iceland, from € 1,170

Valid 30.04-21.05 & 27.08-24.09.2016 (Route 10b)


15 nights in Iceland, from € 1,685

Valid 23.04-21.06 & 03.09-24.10.2016 (Route 10c)



In high season:


7 nights in Iceland, from € 1,250

Valid 14.06-16.08.2016 (Route 10b)


14 nights in Iceland, from € 1,820

Valid 14.06-09.08.2016 (Route 10c)



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      • ROUTE 10E:

        Explorer HOLIDAY (1 week)


        This package includes staying in Iceland for two weeks with one week accommodation booked in a summerhouse in the Reykjavik area (Thursday to Thursday or Saturday to Saturday). The price is the same as for Route 10B. If you want to book a package with summerhouse accommodation for both weeks, we can offer you the Route 10C.

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