Explorers of the North Atlantic since 1982

2-person Cabins

All cabins have a toilet/shower, TV and a closet. [productcontent]


You can book a cabin with or without a window. We call them inside and outside cabins.


We also offer cabins with a double bed and De Luxe cabins with a double bed and a sofa. In addition to these cabins there is also one single Suite on board which is designed as an apartment with an entrance, wardrobe, furnished living room with TV, bedroom with TV and a large bathroom with jacuzzi.


In all cabins there is a TV channel with a web camera, where it is possible to see the view of the sea direct from the bridge. This means that if you have booked a cabin without a window you will still have a view of the sea.


You can see these TV channels in the cabins: Info, NRK1, Dr-Ramasjang, Das erste, Dr1 og Web cam kanalen.  


See description of the cabins below.