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Pre-order the minibar for only € 30

Only in cabins with window [content]


It is possible to pre-order the minibar together with your journey for only € 30 

You save 12% compared to the onboard price.


You can choose between minibar with or without alcohol.


Below you can see what the minibars contain.


The minbar is included in the price for the deluxe cabins and the suite.

The minibar in the deluxe cabins consists of:

2 Aqua D'or, 2 beer cans, 2 soda cans, 1 Twix and 1 Kims Chips (minibag).


If you book the minibar for the Viking Cruise, the minibar will only be filled up once, which is on the departure from Hirtshals. If you prefer to have it refilled (in Seyðisfjørður for instance), you need to pay for a new refill, either while on board or in advance.