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Cafés and bars aboard the MS Norröna

Aboard all the prerequisites are in place for a pleasant evening, while Norröna sails towards your destination. [content]


Norröna has three cafes/bars, which all in their own way create the perfect setting for pleasant or fun nights at sea. The cafés can be found on deck 5, 6 and 8.


Each bar is manned by a talented team tasked with making sure that travellers are having a good time. “We strive for style. Our bartenders are highly skilled, and know how to make many more drinks than will fit on the drinks menu. So give them a challenge, they like it,” says Lars Hansen, who heads the Norröna’s crew of bartenders and waiters.


So, please order a drink or a soft drink from the bar, and enjoy a relaxed late-night atmosphere with other travelers in our cafes and bars.