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Terms and Conditions of Winter Season Trips to Iceland

We would like to make passengers aware that should weather conditions and/or tecnical problems prevent safe sailing, trips from the Faroes to Seyðisfjørður in Iceland may be delayed or cancelled. If this were to happen, passengers could be delayed on their journey from the Faroes to Iceland or Iceland to the Faroes.


Under such circumstances, Smyril Line is not obliged to pay any compensation, pay for any alternative means of transport or offer any free accommodation whatsoever. Passengers are liable for these expenses. Smyril Line can, however, offer passengers who are stranded in the Faroes free accommodation on board Norröna, although reasonable payment for any meals will be required.


Only one cancellation on these grounds occurred in 2013, there were no such cancellations in 2014 and there have been none to date in 2015.


Smyril Line always plans for safe crossings and, should conditions prove adverse, we may have to change the sailing schedule accordingly. Passengers will always be kept up-to-date regarding any changes to the schedule before departure, as well as during sailing.


As an example, if a week passes without Norröna reaching Seyðisfjørður in Iceland, and a passenger on board Norröna wishes to get to Iceland sooner, Smyril Line will not pay for a flight; passengers are solely responsible for any such alternative travel arrangements. However, if the passenger is travelling with a car and wishes to have it freighted to Iceland, Smyril Line will ensure, together with the passenger, that the vehicle is shipped to Seyðisfjørður /Iceland for free on the next trip.

If passengers are stranded in Iceland, Smyril Line is not liable for any expenses they may incur owing to this, including, but not limited to, hotel expenses. However, Smyril Line would be very happy to help customers find accommodation, should this be required.